Welcome to Golden PalaceEverything else goes in vain if the transportation.

Established in 2006, as a service provider of transportation Golden Palace is one of the most developing company in the field of transportation with its head office in Dubai. Golden Palace is mainly known for the unmatched services and the responsibility towards a customer. Golden Palace provides service in all the emirates through six companies in the field of transportation and advertisement. Golden Palace created an environment of mutual trust and respect among the customers through the honesty and by the outstanding service.

Long term leasing

We do short term and long term leasing of buses and pickups. Golden Palace is pleasured to provide leasing.


We provide buses with driver on full day basis to our clients where the customers hire the vehicles on a monthly basis.

Short term Rentals

Everything else goes in vain if the transportation of a company fails to meet the standards.

Projects & EventsWe love to handle the stuffs that scare you and we love to finish it in a different way. Below are some of the main events that we have associated with:

Everything else goes in vain if the transportation of a company fails to meet the standards. We ensure your transportation a seamless experience from start to finish.

A total of around 1250 vehicles have been owned by Golden Palace to provide unlimited service to our customers. 

We are consistent in providing the quality of service needed by the customers’. We have provided service to all the Emirates and this has helped us to increase the quality service as we are aware of all the routes in the Emirates.

Our vision become one of the most sought out brands in the field of through exceptional customer service.Our mission is to enhance and establish a sound brand identity and achieving acceptable returns by delivering lowest total cost solutions to our customers.