Why Us


To become one of the most sought out brands in the field of through exceptional customer service.


Our mission is to enhance and establish a sound brand identity and achieving acceptable returns by delivering lowest total cost solutions to our customers. We uphold highest standards in service and to remain a trusted brand in the field of transportation. Our mission is supported by creating a team environment for our employees that enables them to provide superior value to our customers

Why Golden Palace:

We always give high importance to our customers’ needs. We always care about you and to have our customer’s best interest at heart. We think about you, your company and your staffs and we will be with you on your way. Golden Palace is proud to have one of the best team of professionals in the business who have shown their skills for the past years by successfully conducting the transportation to many of the prestigious events in UAE. We are pleased to provide the buses to the customers for advertising our customers brand by wrapping the entire bus or as per the requirement of the customer.

We are consistent in providing the quality of service needed by the customers’. We have provided service to all the Emirates and this has helped us to increase the quality service as we are aware of all the routes in the Emirates. As we have been in the business we will be able to provide competitive price to our customers without ever sacrificing the quality of the service. We will be available at any time in a day if there is any inconvenience for the customers. Our staffs will be continuously in touch with the drivers to provide clear and concise driving instructions.